Research platforms at the forefront of innovation

The Liryc institute has platforms on its premises that are at the forefront of innovation, enabling the pooling of specific expertise and equipment, entirely dedicated to heart rhythm disorders. Each platform covers a technological domain and provides three types of activities:

  • Provision of high-tech services.
  • Training (initial and continuous) and scientific entertainment.
  • Methodological and/or technological development.

Each platform promotes industrial development activities, particularly around technological development activities.

The Liryc university hospital institute, through its scientific and technological platforms, has a mission to provide services, materials and expertise in various fields. Its platforms are open to all academic and private scientific communities.

Based on the most innovative technologies and methodologies and the latest generation of instruments, the platforms offer analysis services, techniques and the provision of equipment to respond to current scientific projects and issues.

Technical imaging platform

The imaging research platform has several pieces of state-of-the-art equipment: two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners (1.5 Tesla) and two research X-ray angiography rooms; a very high magnetic field MRI (9.4 Tesla) and an X-ray micro scanner, enabling the acquisition and processing of 3D data with high resolution; servers and computers for data visualization and analysis; an ultrasound scanner for cardiac exploration; as well as a surgical operating room.

Advisor: Julie Magat – +33 5 35 38 19 57 –

The histology platform

The histology platform is equipped with high-performance devices that can study tissue structure (from biopsy to the whole organ) and therefore detect morphological changes. It specializes in particular in the analysis of cardiac tissue.

Advisor: Marion Constantin – +33 5 35 38 19 20 –

The molecular biology platform

The molecular biology platform carries out gene and protein expression studies as part of scientific projects in various cells and tissues. Our equipment makes it possible to produce complementary DNA (cDNA) chips (microarrays), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, quantitative PCR (qPCR) tests and western blots. More than 300 oligonucleotide pairs for qPCR are listed in our database.

It is organized into three rooms: a laboratory for the preparation of samples, a room for the manipulation of proteins and another with the majority of equipment.

Advisors: Sabine Charron & Marion Constantin – +33 5 35 38 19 66 –

The functional exploration platform

The in vitro/ex vivo functional exploration platform is specifically dedicated to the study of cardiac dysfunction mechanisms. For this, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to better understand heart disease from the whole organ to the cell.

Advisor: Marion Constantin – +33 5 35 38 19 20 –

Rental of platforms

Some equipment is available for service delivery and as part of academic or industrial collaborations.

For further information on services or prices, you can contact the platform advisors by telephone or send a request to


Juliette a été victime d’une mort subite cardiaque provoquée par un dysfonctionnement de son coeur. Grâce aux découvertes et aux innovations scientifiques de l’Institut Liryc, elle a pu être sauvée. Ne laissons pas les maladies du rythme cardiaque emporter des vies.

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