Interview on Marc Strik, Cardiologist in the Stimulation team of Professor Pierre Bordachar at Haut-Lévêque Hospital.

Who are you ?

My name is Marc Strik, I am a cardiologist at CHU Bordeaux.

What is your background ?

I acquired my specialisation in Cardiology and my PhD in electrophysiology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. During a post-doc at Haut-Lévêque, I discovered that I wanted to continue working and living in Bordeaux, advancing the field of cardiology with the team of Prof. Bordachar.

What is your role in the Stimulation team of Pierre Bordachar ?

Under guidance of Prof Bordachar, we aim to improve the functioning of pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy: We have published several papers on algorithms and remote monitoring and have several exciting projects on the way.

On wich projects will you work at Liryc ?

While I spend most of my time at the cardiology hospital (Haut Lévêque) near the IHU, my Physiology and experimental background draw me to collaborations at the IHU which are starting to develop. In addition, we are creating several books and e-learning websites about electrocardiograms and pacing and defibrillation.

Do you have any hobbies and interests ?

Programming is a passion of mine which comes in handy for a device cardiologist as I love to perform 3D calculations in Matlab, design e-learning websites and perform basic software engineering. In my free time, I love to spend time with my two daughters biking around Bordeaux and visiting the beautiful surrounding region.


Juliette a été victime d’une mort subite cardiaque provoquée par un dysfonctionnement de son coeur. Grâce aux découvertes et aux innovations scientifiques de l’Institut Liryc, elle a pu être sauvée. Ne laissons pas les maladies du rythme cardiaque emporter des vies.

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