At the end of the first semester of this new edition of the Master 2 “Cardiac Electrophysiology”, we interviewed Prof. Pierre Dos Santos, Training and Education Director at Liryc, and the student Mohua Jalali on the highlights, the learning and the continuation of the program.

As the first semester comes to an end, how would you qualify the encounter between the pedagogical team and the students for this first edition of the Master?  

Pr Dos Santos_ An encounter with rich exchanges, beyond our expectations! We welcomed very motivated students, curious, eager to learn.
This first promotion was a small group, which allowed for personalized, almost individualized interactions. The great part was also that they acted as a whole, that lives together, with relationships and affinities. Ideal for an intense teaching, in a serene atmosphere!

Mohua Jalali_ I never expected that such renowned experts would teach us in such an intimate environment. We almost received a one-on-one hands-on learning experience, not to mention the fact that we were on a first-name basis with them!

At this point, what are the identified strengths of the training program?

Prof. Dos Santos_ The first strength from a teaching perspective is the intensity of the training. It is a continuous effort. 
Secondly, this training takes place in a research environment. The students “breathed the air” of the laboratory, of research, with a purpose of making them want to continue in this way. 
I think as well that we succeeded in providing a very broad and varied training with a multidisciplinary approach, even though we have chosen to do a master’s degree in a very precise and restricted field of research. All of this in an international environment, meeting world-class experts in the field, in close collaboration with the industry to transmit the taste for entrepreneurship. 

Mohua Jalali_ I lacked for in-depth knowledge on a specific topic that interested me and I felt like the perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of cardiology was this course. The professors went above and beyond expectations by providing a fun environment whilst making sure it was incredibly intellectually stimulating. It is probably the more intense work I have ever done in my life in such a short period of time, but I have no regrets! 
Before joining the Master’s program, I expected to have a teaser of the world of Cardiology, but in fact all of us were completely immersed in it instead!  We went from a microscopic view of the heart to understanding cardiac devices and ablations – we even could watch a procedure!

If you had to pick one highlight from this first semester, what would it be?

Mohua Jalali_ I don’t think I can provide one specific highlight. I will remember the content of the courses I learned, but more than anything, the encounters: with the professors, the coordination team, the experts, but also and especially my classmates. Joining Liryc has been a dream, because the institute has a fantastic reputation and it has gone by way too fast! I am so grateful for the experience the master’s program has provided me!

Pr Dos Santos_ The whole semester was a highlight in general really!

What is next for the students? 

Prof. Dos Santos_ The second semester of the master’s program is the internship, either in a research laboratory or for some in a more clinical environment. We did not give the students ready-made internships. They were actors of their internship.
And at the end of the internship that they will take the exam. We ensured that the exams and evaluations are very varied: article presentation, group work feedback, table assignments. This will allow us to appreciate different abilities of the students useful for the future: critical thinking, oral and written expression. 


Juliette a été victime d’une mort subite cardiaque provoquée par un dysfonctionnement de son coeur. Grâce aux découvertes et aux innovations scientifiques de l’Institut Liryc, elle a pu être sauvée. Ne laissons pas les maladies du rythme cardiaque emporter des vies.

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