Continuing and additional training

The Liryc institute offers a continuing education programme to support healthcare professionals and medical students wishing to improve their practice of cardiac electrophysiology.

Additional training for medical students

Audience: Distance learning courses open to medical students in the region

Duration of training: Daily sessions of 30 minutes

Liryc contributes to the training of medical students during their hospital internship.

This programme takes the form of short daily sessions addressing formats in interaction with participants from different specialities (discussion on electrocardiogram tracings, clinical cases, etc.).

The aim is to give students access to knowledge relating to the pathophysiological process, pathology, therapeutic bases and prevention, supplementing and deepening the foundations acquired.

Additional training for interns in medicine and specialists in rhythmology 

Audience: Distance learning courses open to interns in the region, whatever their speciality.

Duration of training: Two years, based on weekly one-hour sessions

Liryc offers interns continuous training covering the essentials of all specialities and enabling them to obtain a common knowledge base.

A practical and interactive training course, emphasizing clinical cases, practical advice, patient care, presentation of the circuits and various services of the university hospital centre, as well as the legal aspects.

For further information about the programme, admission conditions and registration procedures, click here.

Continuing vocational training

Cardiac electrophysiology is a constantly evolving field, pushing healthcare professionals to constantly integrate a changing reality, in particular due to the arrival on the market of new procedures, new innovative devices and new recommendations. This is why the Liryc institute offers a continuing education programme in collaboration with the industry to support healthcare professionals wishing to improve their practice of cardiac electrophysiology.

Liryc relies on immersive education in collaboration with industrial leaders in electrophysiology, such as private businesses and the medical device industry, to improve the care provided to patients and to support healthcare professionals in their speciality.

Several training programmes are developed in this context with our industrial partners on new innovative medical devices or on new innovative therapies in the fields of rhythmology and heart failure. These training courses are provided within the Liryc university hospital institute itself, taking advantage of the expertise of researchers and doctors, as well as platforms offering cutting-edge technology. They include theoretical sessions on the fundamentals but also practice on techniques: clinical case studies, workshops and live case broadcasts, simulation and virtual reality modules.


Juliette a été victime d’une mort subite cardiaque provoquée par un dysfonctionnement de son coeur. Grâce aux découvertes et aux innovations scientifiques de l’Institut Liryc, elle a pu être sauvée. Ne laissons pas les maladies du rythme cardiaque emporter des vies.

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