Nolwenn Tan, doctoral researcher in the signal processing team at Liryc, and Thomas Hof, post-doctoral researcher in the cellular team, won the “Communication Awards 2019” on Tuesday 14 January at the 3rd Scientific Workshop organized at Liryc.

This contest takes place every year and rewards the speaking skills of young volunteer researchers ready, in 180 seconds, to present their innovative research project. Science popularisation and synthesis are the keywords of this competition.

The jury, composed by the Scientific Advirsory Board‘s members and three other members of the institute, rewarded the science popularisation, the fluidity of communication, the transfer to the public and overall speaking qualities.

Congratulations to Nolwenn Tan and Thomas Hof, winners of the 2019 Communication Awards, and congratulations to all the participants!

This contest is organized thanks to the faithful support of Liryc’s sponsor , Mr. Jean-François Debrois.

Debrois prize “My translational research project in 180 sec”:
 _ Numerical methods for solving the electrocardiographic imaging inverse problem, Oumayma Bouhamama
_ GATTACA : Science of Tomorrow, Sébastien Chaigne
_ Intracardiac localization of catheters by magnetic and electrical measurements, Jérémy Decock
_ Transient Receptor Potential Channels in cardiac health and disease, Thomas Hof
_ Learning Activation Time Maps from ECGs predicts Ectopic Sites Better than Physicalbased Modeling, Amel Karoui
_ Accessing patient-specific repolarization times, Peter Langfield
_ Stretchable conductive fabric for cardiac electrophysiology applications, Angel Moreno Entrenas
_ Optimising micro computed tomography imaging of large animal and human hearts at high resolution, Nestor Pallares-Lupon
_ A super inhibitor to prevent atrial fibrillation, Alice Recalde
_ Risk stratification of unexplained sudden cardiac death by analysing high resolution body surface electrocardiograms, Nolwenn Tan


Juliette a été victime d’une mort subite cardiaque provoquée par un dysfonctionnement de son coeur. Grâce aux découvertes et aux innovations scientifiques de l’Institut Liryc, elle a pu être sauvée. Ne laissons pas les maladies du rythme cardiaque emporter des vies.

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